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Time:03:13 pm
Abby just dumped me.

"I don't want this anymore."
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Subject:GO SEE IT
Time:12:47 am


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Subject:Meme... Friday
Time:01:56 pm
Reply with Five Things you think everyone in the world should experience but that few people have, along with your reasoning. So it can't just be something that's awesome, it has to be something awesome that the people in this LJ group haven't come into contact with. Hamlet would be a shitty example, because half the people here have read it already. There's no real limit, but try to keep it more on objects like books and food and less on experiences like "you should go to rome."

I lifted this from Andrew and Nata, and I liked theirs. Mine will be worse. I don't care if you like these things, but these are things you can experience if you do so choose.

1. Life After God (book)

Douglas Coupland is the kind of guy that I cannot stand, but I have to respect. I've read five of his books, and he's just weird. He supposedly popularized Generation X as a term and most of his themes deal with this ironic/hip/not-hip world we live in and the things we choose to identify with. Ramen noodles = poor and lonely lifestyle, MS Word = work, but a tool you come to identify with, etc.

I wouldn't have expected to like it, but Kenton turned me on to him years and years ago and I've given Microserfs out to just about everyone that's asked for a book rec. Life After God is about mortality and how you experience it before you actually die. It shook my whole world view and I read it in one night. I used to give it to everyone as a gift, I've probably bought it at least four times. It's something you could walk into Borders and read in a chair, and if you ever find yourself in that situation, I'd suggest it.

2. The Devil and Daniel Johnston (movie) or Daniel Johnston (music)

I am interested in things I can't explain but get well regarded reviews. I spent a long time trying to understand Radiohead's appeal as THE BIGGEST BAND IN THE WORLD and I think I'm as close as I ever will get. Bands like Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, Muse, and half of the XMU Indie Radio line up just elude me completely. I listen to Animal Collective and I feel like there must be something wrong with me, because that stuff is 0/10 no stars bad to me. Sounds like screams and banging.

Some of this is cultivated hatred and some is just a difference of taste. But outsider music has always interested me. Daniel Johnston is about as popular as an outsider musician can get, and I got a bunch of his music to see. Jon used to listen to what he explained as "creepy" music. I'd call this a tributary of that, at least. Johnston was in love with a girl when he was younger, and she married a mortician. He essentially dedicated the rest of his life to her memory and his obsessions. His music is interesting as a look into his mind. He is very clearly mentally ill - he once threw the keys out of a plane his father was flying at the time and forced a crash. He is alternatively deeply religious (afraid of The Devil, Satan, Hell, etc) and into secular culture and drugs. He's also in the second half of his life and still lives with his parents. So, yeah.

The movie is a documentary about his life. I wouldn't call myself a "fan" of Daniel Johnston, but this movie puts a lot of issues into perespective - and the scene where they track down the woman he pined for through outsider music for decades and introduce her to him as a musician and somewhat closet star, well, that's worth the price of admission, right there.

3. High Fidelity (book)

Obviously see the movie, but that doesn't fit the assignment's requirements. The book has a lot of themes that hit close to home. I read this on the airplane and in the Detroit airport when I went to Chicago for my last Goats concert. I saw the film first, and I'm glad to have done it, but the book really is a treat. It has a somewaht different feel, in a good way.

4. Goose Island 312

Named after the area code in Chicago, this beer is delicious. I like a lot of beers in a wide range (except for Guinness, which is somewhat difficult for me to explain. I know I'm supposed to like it, but if I want beef and barley soup I can get that elsewhere) but this is my favorite. It might be that "go to rome' aspect that I only love it because I cannot get it here, but I really enjoy it whenever I go back. It's something I can drink a lot of and the taste never becomes unimportant. It defies description.

5.  IHOP Coffee

I cut my coffee-teeth on Waffle House with Ashley and Jon and Jen and Lindsay and the like. I spent my fair share of time in CK's with Kenton and a rotating crew of people I didn't know well, yet. But there's something about the coffee at IHOP, which those of you who were a few weeks back can attest to. I won't say it's the best coffee in the world, but it's definitely the closest to what I expect from coffee. It surprised me, too.

If I had a six, it would be "Things I've Learned from Women Who Dumped Me" in the audiobook format. If for no reason other than "Don't Leave Room for the Holy Spirit" by Tom McCarthy, which is thirteen minutes you owe it to yourself to listen to.

Seven would be EarthBound for the SNES. Game is great.
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Subject:A Letter I Wrote To Myself
Time:11:38 am
This is totally unedited. In AP English, five years ago, Mrs. Parker made us all write a letter to ourselves in five years. At the time, if I'm not mistaken, Morgan and I were together and doing well (as well as we ever did) and I expected to be about where I am now. Those days are somewhat of a blur. This was written on the day that I stood up against Dan Cummings, which is an interesting day to remember. Five years from now I'll be 28 - who knows where that will put me.

5/11/04 12:00 PM Senior Year - AP English


Today, you spent the day bickering at people about gay rights. That's because, at 18 you were mighty pissed at all sorts of things.

Remember that anger. Write your book. Fight for what you believe.

The most important thing in life is that you feel OK with everything that happens.

So long as every night, you can say that's true, then life is as good as it gets. That's all you'll ever need to know.

Little failures only matter if you let them.

But you only get better when you let them.


(this is the back:)

Tucker, Jon, Adam, Brent, Morgan

These are the people you'd die for.

Doug, Leigh, Jessica, Jessica Bode, Andrew, Natalie, John Arnold, Austin Duck, Stephanie

These are the rest that you love, if not all at once.

Never forget these people, and never remember your grudges.

Life's too short, and you're too lucky.

JUST BE OKAY, du calme, c'est la vie , and stall for time. life will be okay, despite your detractors.
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Time:06:02 pm
I am glad to see LJ come back.

I have been ridiculously busy lately but doing well.

I got my letter from five years ago, I'll type it up this week. There are lols in it.

I have to go read about England!
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Subject:Oh, DJ.
Time:04:19 pm
I just deleted my deadjournal.

Those days are only embarrassing. Probably going to purge the old livejournal, too.

If you have any memories from my old journal zander019 go ahead and back them up or whatever. I'll probably delete it soon.
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Subject:Life closed due to lack of interest.
Time:01:10 am
Actually, I'm just calling the pool off. I'll mail back any money I get. People didn't seem too interested and being this far away from each other without paypal seemed doomed from the get go.

HOWEVER, there's a couple (fifteen at writing) folks in my facebook pool at


so join up if you want bragging rights.

Name's "I Am Right About Everything And Now You Know That, Like Me"

I think that says it all.
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Time:11:17 am
This is the day they announce the brackets.

We are all scattered across the USA, but we are doing this.

I am going to host a pool. To enter my pool, mail me five dollars in cash or check or mail order or whatever you wish. If you get me five dollars to:

Alex Bad
3471 Bent Creek Cv
Collierville, TN 38017

Then you are in. I will invite people by facebook to said pool. The winner will get a check for all the money I get after the national championship game. Alex Good and other non-facebook users post a bracket in the comments of this post.

If you want to bring me the money or have me meet you in town, that's fine too. I know this doesn't seem like much money, but you wouldn't MISS five bucks if you didn't have it - but don't you want 150 bucks?

Post here if you mailed it. I'll start inviting after brackets go live.
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Time:03:04 pm
If I were to do a winner take all March Madness pool on facebook for five bucks, who would do it?

Comment here if you'd be willing to put five bucks down.
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Time:10:17 pm
Saw Watchmen.

I know, read the book.

I know. You've told me.

Seriously, I know.

It was okay. Parts of it were pornography and senseless. It was really entertaining, the ending was lousy as hell, and the love story was asinine.

Night Owl was really boring.

Every single other thing was great. I was on the edge of my seat and I loved it. But in my opinion it suffers from that all too common problem of not hacking up about twenty minutes of it. "Murder your darlings."

Seriously, that sex scene was hilariously awful.

But the rest was exciting. Worth seeing, for sure.
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[icon] ain't no gyroscope can spin forever, yeah.
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